Filter Excess Calories out of your Existence


Water keeps our existence moving fluidly and supports our overall health journey. The body is 65% water, and that’s why it’s vital that you avoid dehydration. Sadly, whenever we get thirsty, water isn’t always the very first choice—calorie-laden beverages have a tendency to obstruct. This month, turn it into a goal to consume more water.

Are you currently meeting your hydration goals?

It’s advocated about 10 glasses of water each day for ladies and 13 glasses of water each day for males for optimal hydration. Pledge to get this done for 7 days—5 winners will win $680 price of UA Swag. What exactly are you awaiting?

Go into the The Best Liquid: Go ahead and take 7-Day Water Pledge Operated by Brita® by November 15, 2016, and you can win!